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Cut-to-Length Shearing Line

Max line speed: 90m/min Max production rate: 60SPM High speed automation
  1. Loading Cart
  2. Decoiler (single-arm or double-arm), with an optional hydraulic auxiliary support
  3. Lead-in device (single or double roller leading in)
  4. Cropping shear (option)
  5. Washing Machine (option)
  6. 6Hi precision leveler
  7. Loop
  8. Servo Feeder
  9. Shear (mechanical or hydraulic type)
  10. Exit belt conveyor
  11. Stacker (air floating, combined air floating mechanical, magnetic)

Shearing Lines:

JIER’s state-of-the-art design and manufacturing has produced a line of outstanding metal shearing equipment known for its high throughput, rugged construction, and adaptable, easy-to-use controls.