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Floor Type CNC Boring & Milling Machine Center

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GIMAX floor type.


Spindle diameter: o160mm – o250mm
Spindle power: 40kW – 105kW

TK69 floor type & high speed type.


Spindle diameter: o160mm – o320mm
Spindle power: 40kW – 129kW
TKS69 High Speed

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Model XK21 & XH21 w/moving beam. Gantry type with movable crossrail. Table width: 2m – 6m, Table length: 5m – 20m, Spindle power: 40kW – 100kW, Model XH21. Gantry type with moveable crossrail.
Model XKSV24 & XHSV24. Gantry type with fixed crossrail. Dual swiveling milling head: mechanical spindle, mechanically driven electric spindle, torque motor driven electric spindle.
Milling heads, extension, right-angle, narrow right-angle, universal, dual swiveling milling heads, mechanical spindle, electric spindle (mechanically driven).