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Servo Press Technology

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Most JIER presses can be designed with servo motor technology, thereby eliminating the traditional flywheel/clutch & break systems and the associated maintenance issues, while providing enhanced slide control, reduced die and tool wear, and reduced energy consumption. These highly adjustable and adaptable presses are perfectly suited for HSS and other exotic metal applications. A servo driven press is best suited for any stamping operation that requires complex slide and stroke adjustments, often resulting in substantial stroke rate increases over a mechanically driven press.


  • Full load at low SPM
  • Programmable stroke height
  • Programmable forming speed
  • Accurate control = precise parts production
  • Reduced tool, die and material fatigue
  • Reduced energy requirements


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JIER is the global leader in the production of high speed tandem lines designed to meet various material types (steel, HSS, aluminum) and dimensions.
High speed, flexibility, and efficiency in a small footprint is the hallmark of the JIER transfer press and press line.
From the loading cart and decoiler to the exit conveyor belt, JIER offers an efficient solution for progressive die applications. The JIER press (link, eccentric or servo driven) produces a quality part at the optimum speed.
Using a one, two or four point press design, JIER manufacturers a high quality blanking press and blanking press line that meets the wide ranging tonnages, materials, and automation demands of today’s industries.
Four-point, two-point; single action or double action, JIER has the mechanical press to meet all industry standards.
JIER metal forming technology has successfully integrated with virtually every major transfer equipment and front-of-line / end-of-line auxiliary equipment manufacturer in the market today.
Sturdy, fast and easy to operate, JIER offers a wide variety of C or Gap Framed Presses.